Thursday, June 2, 2011

Market Daily -- 2nd Jun 11

6. Olam: In Talks With Financial Institutions On Fund Raising Opportunities
Olam: Proposed Fund Raising Initiatives Include New Share Offerings 

5. Singapore Exchange Target Cut To S$8.14 Vs S$10.12 By CIMB

4. IATA: International Air Passenger Traffic Grew 16.5% On-Year in April
IATA: International Airline Passenger Capacity Grew 16.8% On-Year in April 
IATA: International Air Freight Traffic Grew 5.4% On-Year in April; Capacity Up 12.3%
IATA: Domestic Air Passenger Traffic Grew 4.7% On-Year in April; Capacity Up 3.1%
IATA CEO: Difficult To Maintain High Load Factors Needed For Profitable Growth
IATA CEO: Matching Capacity To Volatile Demand An Ongoing Challenge 
IATA CEO: Expect 2011 Airlines' Fuel Bill At $166B, Up $20B From 2010

3. Germany's Merkel: Proud of Growth Rates Germany Has Been Able To Achieve
Germany's Merkel: Growth Projections For Next Year 'Very Positive' 
Germany's Merkel: Growth Now More Balanced Than It Used To Be
Germany's Merkel: Long-Term Unemployment Difficult To Contend With
Germany's Merkel: Europe Must Overcome Debt Problem 
Germany's Merkel: There Is No Problem With The Euro
Germany's Merkel: Market Wonders If Struggling Euro Countries Competitive Enough
Merkel: Germany 'Committed' To The Euro
Germany's Merkel: In All EU Members' Interest To Continue With Integration 
Germany's Merkel: Euro-Zone Countries Must Act Responsibly
Merkel: Mix Of 'Solidity And Solidarity' Needed For Euro Zone Success
Merkel: Japan Incident Influenced German Decision To Speed Nuclear Phase-Out 
Merkel: Concerned Myanmar Leadership Hasn't Shown Seriousness On Democracy, Human Rights
Merkel: Germany Must Be Careful Not To Subsidize Photovoltaics Too Much
Merkel: Germany Needs To Spend Less On Payments To Long-Term Unemployed
Merkel: Shouldn't Be 'Inevitable' For A European To Head IMF
Merkel: Might Not Be Right Time To Say European IMF Candidate Out Of The Question 
Merkel: Lagarde Is Ideal Embodiment Of Economic, Political Experience For IMF
Merkel: Hope Emerging Countries Take Objective Look At Lagarde 

2. Singapore Fin Min: Global Economy In Better Shape Than 2 Years Ago
Singapore Fin Min: Euro Sovereign Debt Problems A Source Of 'Considerable Uncertainty' 

1. Dow Jones industrial average .DJI was down 279.12 points, or 2.22 percent, at 12,290.67. The S&P 500 .SPX lost 30.64 points, or 2.28 percent, at 1,314.56. The Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC was down 66.11 points, or 2.33 percent, at 2,769.19

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