Friday, January 13, 2012

Market Summary -- 13th Jan 12

FTSE STI closed 2,791.54, up 47.88 points or +1.75% with a total volume of 1.24b and a total value of S$1.19b.  Total number of advance vs decline was 367 vs 139.  Of the 30 component index stocks, 27 closed positive, 2 closed negative and 1 remained unchanged.  The top 5 gainer component stocks were :-

1. Jardine C&C  +1.100
2. DBS  +0.520
3. UOB  +0.340
4. SIA  +0.250
5. CityDev  +0.230
5. JSH 400US$  +0.230

The 2 loser component stocks were :-

1. SIA Engg  -0.100
2. F&N  -0.030

US markets continued to advance yesterday night despite weak economic data of jobless claims and retail sales as both missed expectation as EU debt situation brought optimism to investors.  ECB maintained interest rate 1% yesterday night and ECB President Draghi's comment on EU situation citing crisis stabilizing as ECB capital injection is working.  That brought some confidence back to investors.  Furthermore, Italy and Spain bond sale also well received.  Asian bourses taking the cue were mostly in positive region for the day.  Nikkei closed +1.36%, SSE -1.34% and HSI +0.57%.  STI outperformed most of regional bourses will +1.75% gain when 27 of the 30 index stocks registered positive closing.  Daily volume and value were highest for the past weeks indicating funds are flowing into Singapore market.

Optimistic about current global economy was pretty much justify after global leaders hard work for past month to resolve those various issue but investors should not be over optimistic and maintain cautiously optimistic.  By doing so, that doesn't mean market will have no more upside but selectively on individual stock basis, there is still potential upside.  Investors should be selective on stocks while maintaining cautiously optimistic.

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