Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Market Daily -- 15th Feb 12

28. Singapore Airlines January Passenger Load Factor 77.0% Vs 78.1% Year Ago
Singapore Airlines January Cargo Load Factor 58.5% Vs 61.4% Year Ago 
Singapore Airlines January Overall Load Factor 65.5% Vs 67.9% Year Ago 

27. Tat Hong Target Raised To S$0.97 From S$0.69 By DBS Vickers

26. CapitaLand Target Raised To S$3.38 From S$3.01 By DBS Vickers

25. Goodpack Target Raised To S$1.85 From S$1.35 By DBS Vickers

24. Amtek Engineering Target Cut To S$0.90 From S$0.95 By Credit Suisse

23. STX OSV Target Raised To S$1.50 From S$1.30 By Credit Suisse

22. Tat Hong Target Raised To S$0.90 From S$0.75 By Credit Suisse

21. Olam International Target Raised To S$2.75 From S$2.60 By DBS Vickers

20. Amtek Engineering Target Raised To S$0.75 From S$0.51 By DBS Vickers

19. Sakari Resources Target Raised To S$2.70 From S$2.20 By DBS Vickers

18. STX OSV Target Raised To S$2.00 From S$1.54 By DBS Vickers

17. Tat Hong Holdings Target Raised To S$1.01 From S$0.77 By CIMB

16. Goodpack Target Raised To S$1.55 From S$1.50 By CIMB

15. STX OSV Target Raised To S$1.84 From S$1.41 By CIMB

14. STX OSV Fair Value Raised To S$2.25 From S$1.65 By OCBC

13. CapitaLand Target Raised To S$3.40 From S$2.80 By JPMorgan

12. CapitaLand Target Raised To S$2.95 From S$2.78 By Deutsche Bank

11. STX OSV Fair Value Raised To S$1.82 From S$1.60 By AmFraser

10. STX OSV Target Raised To S$2.00 From S$1.20 By DMG & Partners

9. KSH Holdings Target Cut To S$0.295 From S$0.31 By DMG & Partners

8. Karin Technology Fair Value Trimmed To S$0.27 Vs S$0.28 By OCBC

7. CapitaLand Fair Value Raised To S$3.11 From S$2.76 By OCBC

6. STX OSV Target Raised To S$1.90 From S$1.65 By Citigroup

5. CapitaLand Target Raised To S$3.40 From S$3.00 By UOB-KayHian

4. CapitaLand Target Raised To S$3.96 From S$3.21 By Kim Eng

3. Sarin Technologies Target Raised To S$1.71 From S$1.38 By Kim Eng

2. CapitaLand Target Cut To S$2.17 From S$2.22 By Daiwa

1. The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI gained 4.24 points, or 0.03 percent, to 12,878.28. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index .SPX dropped 1.27 points, or 0.09 percent, to 1,350.50. The Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC edged up 0.44 points, or 0.02 percent, to 2,931.83

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