Friday, May 25, 2012

Market Summary -- 25th May 12

FTSE STI closed 2,772.75, down 6.78 points or -0.24% with a total volume of 1.19b and a total value of S$820M.  Total number of advance vs decline was 165 vs 167.  Of the 30 component index stocks, 11 closed positive, 3 remained unchanged and 16 closed negative.  The top 5 gainer component stocks were :-

1. CityDev  +0.160
2. SIA  +0.160
3. F&N  +0.070
4. UOB  +0.050
5. GLP  +0.045

The top 5 loser component stocks were :-

1. JMH 400US$  -0.960
2. Jardine C&C  -0.800
3. JSH 500US$  -0.330
4. HKLand US$  -0.080
5. DBS  -0.050

US markets again did a last hour reversal and closed mixed after Italian PM's comment of Greece to be staying in Euro and confident of Eurobond.  Asian bourses were mixed for the day after China bank lending showing sign of slowing down.  Nikkei closed +0.20%, SSE -0.74% and HSI +0.25%.  STI fell 0.24% in a thin volume day with total value came in less than S$1b.  11 of the 30 index stocks managed to register positive closing.

The EU debt issue in particular Greece is having flip flopping news from days to days and caused stock markets to be uncertainty especially in Asian bourses.  China continue showing sign of slowing down also weighed on investors.

Singapore this afternoon reported April manufacturing data coming in -0.3% vs +5.1% expected and that dented some sentiment for STI.  Despite European bourses and US future being positive as concern of Greece eases, investors still taking cautious over the weekend.  Fund managers selling has slowed down and that perhaps put a stopper to the downside at the moment.

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