Monday, January 11, 2016

Journey To Retirement Part 8.2 -- SembMar

Finally, capital loss for SembMar fully recovered !

Since the divestment at a price of $2.60 last August (refer), 5 months later I have fully recovered the capital loss.  At $2.60, the divestment resulted in :-

Capital loss = 25.10%
Dividend gain = 34.65%
Net gain = 9.55%
Annualized gain = 1.84%

Now with the recovery and to be exact it registered a slight capital gain during the process, the divestment resulted in :-

Capital gain = 2.06%
Dividend gain = 47.22%
Net gain = 49.28%
Annualized gain = 8.34%

The recover capital was used to offset the initial capital injected thereby reducing the initial purchase price of $3.43 to eventually $2.5202.

Normally, after divestment regardless resulting in a profit or loss people will just close the chapter and move on.  However, since I have the strategies, ability, confidence and time to recover back the capital loss there is no strong reason why I should not do it.  After all, it is my money !!!

As a whole, though after fully recover, the statistic read nicer but the lesson I learned from this episode is the hesitation that I took before divesting.  Should I be more decisive then, I would not need to resort to capital recovery.  This is something that I will bare in mind for rest of my investment from now on.

With the capital fully recovered, the next objective will be how to utilize this capital.  I have already target on my mind of what I should do and now just waiting for the opportunity to execute.  With that, the chapter on SembMar investment finally comes to a close.

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