Am a typical retail investor who started investing in stock market in 1993, the same length of period as SingTel was listed in SGX and ironically SingTel was my first vested stock.  Back then was a passive investor and started to turn more active in stock market in 2006.  A year later when I switched my engineering job to a finance related one, I became what commonly known as trader ( trade for living ) and at the same time also strongly believe in fundamental/value investing that is the way to growth wealth.  In a way I classify myself as a "Strategic Investor".  As a trader, I track market movement daily and as an value investor, I am always on the lookout for cheap bargain to hold for long term.

Due to my job scope, I come into contact with people who want to earn money in stock markets and unfortunately majority of them which I found out do not have a proper risk management.  As such, setting up this blog is hoping to educate people especially the retail investors the proper way of investing and not "punting" in the stock market.  What I do in this blog is to provide the daily market news, personally daily market summary, personal stock analysis and most important of all personal market analysis.  I read all sort of news ( both positive and negative from analysts, economists, etc ) and analyze myself so as to produce my own unbiased and consistence view on the market or global economy to people.  At many a times I found that most of the analysts have a common feature that is flipping their view very fast according to the trend of the stock markets and that is what I found very inaccurate and do no good to help people in long term investment.

It is through my analytical view that I hope to educate investors ( especially retail investors ) the proper way of risk management in stock market and proper way to invest in stock market to eventually growth their wealth.  As one said, there is never an ending to learning, I am also in the process of learning as I trying to educate others.

Traveling around the world is also my other passion.  Do drop by my facebook page on that to look at all those places that I have traveled to.

Cooking is another of my hobby.  As a father of 2 daughters, I strongly encourage all the Daddies put some effort to cook a meal for the family.  Nevermind whether the food taste delicious or awful, it is the thought and effort that count and it is also a very good bonding events.  Take a look at my blog on

Daddy Is Cooking (爸爸主厨记)

Trade like Jesse Livermore, Invest like Benjamin Graham, Think like 诸葛亮