Stock Incubator

This is the stock incubator section.  Incubator as in business incubator for start-ups, this stock incubator documented the stocks that I view as potential gem in the future.  Once these stocks fulfill the requirements (varies from stock to stock), they will be upgraded to my investment portfolio.

Refer here for the history of stock incubator.

Have not document on any of those until February 2016 that I have decided to do a proper documentation so that in the future the archive will serve as a learning lesson.

Most start-ups do not eventually make it into the blue chip and some just have to shut-down even in the early stage.  This is the same concept as spotting a potential gem in stock.  All gem pickings are come with calculated risk with a stock price cut-loss level to minimize risk.  All gem pickings are based on fundamental reason and not simply because the stock price at this moment is dirt cheap.

The documentation will start on the stock which I have held in 2014.

1. Nordic Group (since 2014)
        1.1 Nordic Group (2017)
        1.2 Nordic Group, Strategic Objective Achieved (2017)
        1.3 Nordic Group (2018)
        1.4 Nordic Group (2021)
        1.5 Nordic Group, Another Objective Achieved (2023)

2. Valuetronics Holdings Limited (since 2017)
        2.1 Valuetronics, the Sell Down (2018)
        2.2 Valuetronics Holdings Ltd (2018)
        2.3 Valuetronics Holdings Ltd (2019)

3. Creative Technology Limited (2018)
        3.1 Creative Technology Limited (2018)