Opened a SRS account in 2009 with the objectives of :-

1. get annual tax rebate through annual contribution
2. build up wealth for retirement through long term investing

The initial sum put in was a small sum and given that I no longer need that as a form of tax rebate, I have ceased putting in annual contribution too.  With that, I adopted a short-term investing or trading method to grow the money to a bigger sum so that I could eventually do a buy and hold long-term investment style.  The followings are the stocks that I have invested and traded in since 2009 till now.

1. SingPost
2. DBS
3. Capitaland
4. CapitaMall Trust
5. Suntec Reit
6. CapMallsAsia  (privatized and delisted)
7. MapletreeInd Trust
8. SIA Engg
9. OUE
10. SPH
11. Mapletreelog
12. MIIF
13. NOL
14. K1 Venture
15. First REIT
16. AscenadasReit
17. Cambridge Ind Trust
18. Parkway Life
19. UMS
20. United Engineers
21. OCBC
22. Venture
23. Ho Bee
24. FCL

The result was mixed though but still managed to generate a return of 19.55% as of latest which translates to annualized return of 3.02%.  Though the return is higher than the interest I could earn but still below the target of minimum annualized 5% return.  As such, I have abandoned the original idea of using short-term investing/trading to build up the fund then commit to long-term investment.  A new strategy is used at the moment to start building up the investment portfolio.  So far, the followings are the stocks I have in the portfolio.

1. FrasersCom Trust (since 2015)
   1.1 FrasersCom Trust (2019) -- Divested
2. Mapletreelog Trust (since 2020)

Objective :-
1. To build up wealth for retirement

Requirement :-
1. Fundamentally strong stocks
2. Stocks must offer both dividend yield and capital appreciation
3. Dividend yield must be higher than long-term inflation