Friday, April 29, 2016

Portfolio -- Apr 2016

1. Change Strategic section Unrealized to represent a percentage of the total cost of Non-Strategic section
2. Strategically increased holding of First REIT at $0 cost by 0.794%, reducing holding price from $0.6163 to $0.6114
3. Strategically increased holding of MapletreeCom Trust at $0 cost by 10.71%, reducing total cost for Strategic section from $0.0979/share to $0.0951/share
4. Entitled Kep Reit dividend of 1.68 cents/share or scrip
5. Received CapitaMall Trust dividend of 2.73 cents/share
6. Received First REIT dividend of 2.11 cents/share
7. Received KepCorp dividend of 22 cents/share
8. Entitled FrasersCom Trust dividend of 2.4526 cents/share or scrip
9. Received Frasers Cpt Trust dividend of 3.039 cents/share
10. Received MapletreeInd Trust dividend of 2.81 cents (scrip dividend scheme suspended)
11. Entitled MapletreeCom Trust dividend of 2.02 cents/share or scrip
12. Strategically reduced cost of Strategic section to $0 thereby increased Cash holding from 33.19% to 33.60%

StockHolding Price*Market PriceUnrealized Profit/LossDividend Return
CapitaMall Trust$1.155$2.07+76.91%+60.28%
First REIT$0.6114$1.25+103.95%+82.99%
Genting SP$0.5314$0.815+52.79%+7.53%
MapletreeInd Trust$0.8537$1.605+86.65%+43.08%
Kep DC Reit$0.8719$1.095+24.58%+7.59%
Frasers Cpt Trust$1.80$1.95+6.88%+3.27%

Kep REIT--$1.05105.00 cents/share14.84 cents/unit
FrasersCom Trust--$1.295129.50 cents/share--
MapletreeCom Trust--$1.50150.00 cents/share--
Mapletreelog Trust--$1.08108.0 cents/share--
CapitaR China Trust--$1.475147.50 cents/share--

(% of Non-Strategic cost)
14.84 cents/unit
Total Unrealized**
Total Realized**
Total Portfolio***
Portfolio Variant

STI31/3/16 = 2840.9029/4/16 = 2838.52Change = -0.08%

* = Initial Buy Price + Average on Right Issue
** =  Unrealized or Realized gain/loss in term of percentage with reference to total investment capital
*** = (total unrealized + total realized) with reference to total investment capital

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