Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Portfolio -- Nov 2016

1. Received SIA dividend of 9 cents/share
2. Received Genting SP dividend of 1.50 cents/share
3. Received SingPost dividend of 1.00 cents/share
4. Sold partial MapletreeCom Trust share obtained through preferential offering at $1.52 (vs $1.42), the capital channel to Kep DC Reit preferential offering.  MapletreeCom Trust holding decreased by 34.15% and Strategic cost reduced from $0.239/share to $0.0419/share.
5. Kep DC Reit holding increased by 31.25% and holding price increased from $0.8719 to $0.9393 due to preferential offering at $1.155
6. Received Kep REIT scrip dividend, increasing holding by 10.69%, reducing Strategic cost to $0.0409/share
7. Received FrasersCom Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 13.83%, reducing Strategic cost to $0.0398/share

StockHolding Price*Market PriceUnrealized Profit/LossDividend Return
CapitaMall Trust$1.155$1.95+66.59%+65.03%
First REIT$0.609$1.27+108.03%+89.93%
Genting SP$0.5314$0.97+81.95%+13.17%
MapletreeInd Trust$0.8537$1.64+90.75%+49.73%
Kep DC Reit$0.9393$1.225+29.68%+8.08%
Frasers Cpt Trust$1.6314$1.95+17.84%+6.85%

Kep REIT--$1.065106.50 cents/share14.84 cents/unit
FrasersCom Trust--$1.275127.50 cents/share--
MapletreeCom Trust--$1.445144.50 cents/share4.08 cents/unit
Mapletreelog Trust--$1.015101.50 cents/share1.86 cents
CapitaR China Trust--$1.38138.00 cents/share--

(% of Non-Strategic cost)
17.61 cents/unit
Total Unrealized**
Total Realized**
Total Portfolio***
Portfolio Variant

STI31/10/16 = 2813.8730/11/16 = 2904.02Change = +3.20%

* = Initial Buy Price + Average on Right Issue
** =  Unrealized or Realized gain/loss in term of percentage with reference to total investment capital
*** = (total unrealized + total realized) with reference to total investment capita


  1. Your holding price for most stocks are very good in your portfolio.

  2. Hi,
    You mentioned that your holding price for Keppel DC Reit was initially 0.8719. May I know if the price has ever traded below the ipo price of 93 cents in dec 2014? Thanks

  3. Hi, I would like to refer to your point 5 on Keppel DC Reit. You mentioned that your original holding price was 0.8719. Did this counter ever trade below its ipo price of 0.93 before?

    1. hi sorry for the late reply.

      nope Keppel DC Reit has never traded below that price. my initial position was its IPO price but after some strategic mean, i acquired more unit at $0 cost and hence that bring down the holding price to that level. it is like example $10k can get 10,000 @ $1 but for same amount of $10k instead of 10,000 i have 11,000 then the price will be $0.909 instead of $1