Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Journey To Retirement Part 22.1 -- CryptoCurrency

The CryptoCurrency section was added to the Investment Portfolio in 2022 and this is the first time a profit was taken.

The price of one of the token which have started to accumulate since 2022 (first accumulated was 21st Feb 2022) has appreciated from then less than USD $0.50 to as of now USD $2.49.  In fact, the price has dipped to an all time low in 2023 of USD $0.04655 to an all time high of USD $2.98 in January 2024.  It is pretty obvious, some profit must be taken given the volatility of cryptocurrency.  As such, 16.37% of that token has been divested in February 2024 and that net in a profit of 2.38% of the capital of the Income section of the Investment Portfolio.  Since there isn't any capital injected into the CryptoCurrency section, the capital injected for the Income section is used as a reference for the performance.

This divestment resulted in the Total Realized of the Investment increased from +17.20% to +18.76%.  

One thing good about investing in cryptocurrency for my case is in this moment I can make some divestment of certain token, the next moment I can re-accumulate that divested quantity and the whole process does not involve any capital injection.