Friday, April 19, 2024

Earned Tesla Motors Fractional Share With Tiger BOSS Debit Card

Tiger Brokers has rolled out a Tiger BOSS Debit Card in February 2024.  It is not just an ordinary debit card though, as you spend with the card, you can actually redeem for Tesla Motors fractional share.  Well this shouldn't be a big news now since the card has been rolled out for 2 months already.  

Why then share such a news ?  Well, am actually managed to redeem some Tesla Motors fractional share.


Am not a big and frequent spender so took me a month plus to finally make the first redemption.  How that work ?  Basically, for every $ you spend with the Tiger BOSS Debit card, you earned a 1% of the point.  $1 spend earns 0.01 point.  In order to be able to redeem the Tesla Motors fractional share, you must accumulate 1 point meaning you have to spend $100.  There are some terms and conditions as to what being spend can be counted though.  In general, spending on e-commence platform like Shopee, Lazada or Qoo10 will enable you to qualify for the points.  Another mean is use the Tiger BOSS debit card to pay for payment at fast food chains like McDonald, Burger King, KFC, Subway, etc or doing online ordering from Domino Pizza, Pizza Hut, etc all are able to qualify for the point.  That basically how I accumulate enough to redeem my first Tesla Motors fractional share.

There is a Tiger Brokers referral code below for you to open a Tiger Brokers account, apply for the Tiger BOSS debit card, deposit the money you want to spend to Tiger Brokers account so that you can transfer to the debit card and start spending to redeem the Tesla Motors fractional share. 

 Tiger Brokers Singapore Invitation Code