Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Journey To Retirement Part 22.2 -- CryptoCurrency

Couple actions in the CryptoCurrency  investment in the month of Apr 2024.   

Firstly, another profit taking following the first in February 2024 (refer here).  It is the same coin again, reducing 48% of the holding plus another "minor" coin (fully divested).  This time netting a realized profit of 7.43% with reference to the cost of the Income section making it a total of realized gain of 9.81% with reference to the cost of Income section YTD.  

Secondly, took the current "bull run" in cryptocurrency made some adjustment to the holding of the cryptocurrency.  2 tokens were being swapped to one of the main coin to beef up the holding of that main coin.  1 "minor" coin was swapped to one the main coin to make it a more balance holding in those main coins.  After this adjustment, the portfolio now consists of  15 coins, 1 token and 4 coins (undeciding what to do with it).

Thirdly, continue the ever ongoing accumulation of 3 of the coins at $0 cost to be used as 奇兵 in 孙子兵法.

Lastly, merged the Blockchain section of the Investment Portfolio to the Strategic section of the Investment Portfolio.

The above strategic actions mainly acted according to 孙子兵法的第四篇 - 军形篇,第五篇 - 兵势篇,第六篇 - 虚实篇以及第八篇 - 九变篇.