This page document the information about my personal Investment Portfolio which I started to build in 2006 till now and still holding on.  As my investment is for long-term basis and based on fundamental, the only time for me to divest any of those will be the time when the fundamental and valuation do not permit me to continue to be invested.

Usually, people tag an absolute time frame when they talk about long-term like 5 years, 10 years, etc however for my personal classification long-term is no absolute time frame as I use fundamental and valuation to quantify it.  I started investing in 1993 and my novice investment was SingTel share when it was doing IPO in 1993.  I held on to the share until 2007 then I sold it off.  Reason for selling off was mainly due to fundamental and valuation issue rather than due to time frame ( 14 years holding to it ).  IPO price then was $1.90 and in 2007 when I sold it, it was at a price of $4.07.  Excluding the amount of dividend I received for that 14 years, pure capital appreciation was 110.88%.  In 2007 at that price level and with Singapore having 3 telcos operating it has appeared to me that with Singapore being a small market to accommodate 3 telcos players, the earning of SingTel has come to a saturation level and at the price of $4.07, I personally felt that the price has overrun the fundamental and as a corporate itself, the potential growth was limited.

My first investment portfolio as a novice back then in 1993 compromised of the following stocks :-

1. SingTel
2. Pan Utd
3. PanU Mar ( free entitlement from being Pan Utd shareholder )
4. Robinson
5. MMI
6. ChinaESave

All of the above were cleared off my portfolio by 2007.  SingTel, Pan Utd and ChinaESave were sold while PanU Mar, Robinson and MMI were all being privatized.  SingTel, Robinson and MMI ended with profit, Pan Utd combined with PanU Mar did not suffer major loss or gain either as the privatization offer from PanU Mar plus the dividend of Pan Utd managed to offset the loss in Pan Utd.  ChinaESave was the sole loser in the portfolio.  As a whole, still achieve net profit from my first investment portfolio.  Since then, learn the lesson from there and started to rebuild my second and current investment portfolio since 2006.

As of now, I am vested in the following stocks :-

1. Genting SP ( since 2006 )
         1.1 Genting SP (2014)
         1.2 Genting SP (2016)
         1.3 Genting SP (2016)
2. First REIT ( since 2007 )
         2.1 First REIT (2013)
         2.2 First REIT (2014)
         2.3 First REIT (2017)
         2.4 First REIT (2018)
3. Cambridge Industrial Trust ( since 2007 )
         3.1 Cambridge Industrial Trust (2014)
         3.2 Cambridge Industrial Trust (2015)  --  Divested/Re-invested
         3.3 Cambridge Industrial Trust (2016)  --  Divested
4. SingPost ( since 2008 )
         4.1 SingPost (2015)
         4.2 SingPost (2018)
5. CapitaMall Trust ( since 2009 )
6. SIA ( since 2009 )
7. KepCorp ( since 2010 )
          7.1 KepCorp (2015)
8. SembMar ( since 2010 )
          8.1 SembMar (2015)  --  Divested
          8.2 SembMar (2016)  --  Divested
9. MapletreeInd ( since 2010 )
          9.1 MapletreeInd (2015)
10. CapMallsAsia Bond ( since 2012 )
          10.1 CapMallsAsia Bond (2017)  --  Redeemed
11. Kep REIT (since 2013)
          11.1 Kep REIT (2015)
12. Kep DC Reit (since 2014)
13. FrasersCom Trust (since 2015)
14. MapletreeCom Trust (since 2015)
          14.1 MapletreeCom Trust (2016)
15. Mapletreelog Trust (since 2015)
16. Frasers Centrepoint Trust (since 2016)
17. CapitaR China Trust (since 2016)

Each of the above stocks I have a write-up ( click on the link ) on reasons for me to invest in, their potential upside and potential downside.  Furthermore, I have guideline to build the portfolio (Building A Portfolio) that suited my personal risk and rewards levels.  I classified myself as having a risk level slightly above the Medium Risk type and hence my portfolio composition is somewhere between Balanced and Offensive type.  A pictorial view on my portfolio allocation in term of capital and quantity is as shown.

(updated 13th Jan 2017)

Each month I update my portfolio performance benchmarking against STI and those can be found from the Portfolio Label in this blog.

Investing is always a learning experience and I am still on the learning curve at the moment.  For every mistake that I made in investing, I will learn from that and improve in my next investment.


  1. Hi ccloh,

    I came across your blog while searching for local portfolios. My portfolio is very similar to yours - the bulk of it is in REITs and Trust, and First REIT has been a good performer for us.

    I have a finance site - TheFinance.sg which consolidates all good financial blogs making it easier for anyone who wants to read about Investing and Personal Finance articles. I enjoyed reading your articles and I will like to seek your consent to publish your articles of no more than 150 words in my site.

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  2. Hi ccloh,

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